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  1. Can a person who submits a listing make edits?
    Answer: No, the way you deal with this situation is to delete the entry, and ask the submitter to try again. The submission form only takes a couple minutes to complete, and we figured you would rather just hit ‘delete’ than to manage a bunch of user accounts.
  2. Which version of WordPress does this work with?
    Answer: Typically it is best to use the most up-to-date version of WordPress. Each new version of Business Directory is published with the version it was tested on (in the readme).
  3. Why won’t the shortcodes work? (shortcode looks like this: ‘[bizdir_directory]‘).
    Answer: The shortcode examples that we feature on this site are intentionally broken so that they don’t actually work (otherwise you would just see our listings and forms). If you copy one of these examples and paste it directly into your site, it will not work. To make the shortcode work, we recommend simply re-typing it as we have shown it, but without the bold tags. If you have already inserted a ‘broken’ short code, simply view the code in the HTML tab (upper right) and remove all the ‘<strong>’ tags. See our User Manual for more information or the advanced features of shortcode.
  4. I downloaded and installed, but nothing is working.
    Answer: There are several reason why this could happen (and believe me we are doing our best to find them all). We have found that the most common problems can usually be fixed by doing the following:

    1. Back up your database
    2. Back up the ‘wp_biz_listings’ table, separately (the ‘wp_biz_listings’ table may not be there, or may be empty)
    3. Deactivate the Business Directory plugin
    4. Delete the ‘wp_biz_listings’ table, specifically
    5. Reactivate the Business Directory plugin
    6. Import the ‘wp_biz_listings’ info from your backup without altering the table structure
  5. Is there a way for the Admin to enter a listing in the Control Panel?
    Answer: No. We are considering adding this feature to the Control Panel. You can enter your own listings into the Directory by using the public user interface (Add Form) and then simply approve your own entries in the Control Panel.
  6. Why does the Join Form ask for address info when it doesn’t show up in the listing?
    Answer: We use this info in the search function; users can actually search by state, etc. In a future release you will have an option to ‘upgrade’ your users and to allow them to display additional information. You will be able to charge for ‘upgrades’ if you want to, at a price that you set (via PayPal). We wanted to give you some information to ‘hold back’ so that an upgrade would have value for your ‘customers’. Stay tuned for more on this feature…
  7. Is this plugin ‘spy-ware’?
    Answer: No. We do not collect any information from anyone using this plugin. Some people have confused our clever appeal for donations, ‘Spare-Ware‘, as something referring to ‘spy-ware’. This plugin is not spyware, and does not secretly report information to anyone.

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