The Business Directory plugin for WordPress is an easy way to host a free directory page for your readers, affiliates, advertisers, community or club members. Invite them to submit a simple advertisement listing for themselves on your blog.

‘Like having the yellow-pages of your readers right on your site!’

Listings include company name, a short description, and contact information including a live URL. The plugin includes an admin tab that allows you to approve of listings before they appear live on the site. You can also edit and delete listings.

We will soon have a premium version of this plugin that allows you to promote a listing upgrade to your directory participants; you set the cost and collect via PayPal, they get to upload a logo and appear in the top ‘premium’ section of your Directory.

Business Directory is a great way to increase the SEO value of your site, and to monetize your community participation. Each of your readers can add their own listing to your site, increasing your organic content and widening your range of reach.

The Business Directory plugin for WordPress was created by Square Compass, Inc.
Contributors: Cary Snowden and Jesse Patterson.

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